Liberty PAC  Founder, KaLeigh Long

In 2014 Liberty PAC Founder, KaLeigh Lang, recruited dozens of college students in the first district of Iowa to make more than 680,000 voter contacts on behalf of long-shot Republican candidate, Rod Blum -- more than 80,000 household visits and more than 600,000 phone calls. The first district of Iowa was a d+5 district and held by Democrats for several years prior, but Blum won the 2014 election despite his grim prospect for victory.


Since then, KaLeigh has consulted more than thirty one federal campaigns on how to recruit young people and neighborhood organizers to make house hold visits on behalf of Republicans.


She also served as the Executive Director for the Conservative Leadership PAC which funded and organized gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie’s youth campaign.  Her team on Ed Gillespie's race recruited more than 4,167 students in Virginia to support Ed’s campaign.

In March 2018, KaLeigh organized young people to campaign against Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri. In about eighteen days, KaLeigh and dozens of African American students from the St. Louis area visited more than 72,000 homes for then Republican candidate Josh Hawley in counties prone to vote for Democrats. Two of these counties flipped to vote for Republican Josh Hawley, and he beat the “Hillary-light” Senator, Claire McCaskill.


In addition to operating LPAC, KaLeigh helps operate her family business, the Lang Cattle Company.  


She is a two time National Forensics League (NFL) qualifier, former legislative director for the National Pro-Life Alliance, and regular guest speaker for the Leadership Institute.  She has her Master's Degree from the Institute of World Politics and her Bachelor's degree from Hard Work U, College of the Ozarks. KaLeigh is committed to the advancement of the liberty movement by electing Republican candidates who limit government, promote free enterprise, and defend constitutional liberties.  


Director of Operations,

Cassidy Calderwood

Prior to her role as Director of Operations at LPAC, Cassidy worked as a Regional Campaign Coordinator for several federal and state grassroots campaigns which included Ted Cruz's presidential race, senate races across the east coast, congressional races in Michigan, and ballot initiatives across the Midwest. In addition to campaign work, Cassidy has been involved in many efforts to mobilize young people at both a high school and collegiate level for the conservative movement.